Our Investment Approach

We believe the best path to investing is to focus on what we can control, so we avoid utilizing fee heavy mutual funds and delegating investment management to third parties. This reduces your expenses and increases our accountability. With our award-winning research team at LPL, we utilize individual stocks and bonds to establish the base of our clients portfolios. As fiduciaries, our clients do not pay trading costs or commissions. Our fee structure is completely transparent and ties our compensation directly to the performance of your accounts.    

Integrated Wealth Management

Financial Planning

Every client has unique financial goals and challenges. Our first step is to get to know you personally. We understand life can change in an instant. Your plan will evolve as your goals, the economy, and the markets change. From managing cash flow to planning for retirement, our teams builds customized financial plans to put you in the best position to succeed.

Tax Planning

Tax implications often factor heavily into various financial decisions. We proactively help you identify any potential savings opportunities to achieve a more thorough financial strategy. This model provides a truly comprehensive wealth management experience and aims to ensure that your financial plan is tax-optimized from the start.

Estate Planning

The most effective multigenerational and philanthropic planning – gifts, contributions, charitable giving, trusts, and foundations – will occur during your lifetime. We develop and implement customized strategies that minimize estate taxes, maximize lifetime giving opportunities, and protect assets for future generations.

What to Expect


Learning the values that shape your decisions and priorities.

Share our philosophy, process, & team members.

Determine if there is a “fit.”


Discuss your specific goals and objectives.

We will build a balance sheet & cash flow model that will serve as the driver of any planning or investment recommendation.


We will refine the cash flow model and review various scenarios to illustrate how to accomplish your unique objectives.

Evaluate investment options that correlate to your specific preferences.


We will ask you to hire Creative Investments as your Wealth Management Team.

We’ll facilitate the transfer of assets, ensuring every transition is as tax-efficient as possible.

Set up online access and verify your paperless preferences for statements.


Our client review process typically consists of quarterly calls and two in-person reviews each year.

We will make updates to your plan as it evolves.

What’s Next?

Contact us today and one of our managers will follow up with you to craft a custom plan aimed at accomplishing your goals.

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